I'm after the pieces & spaces that brought light into your life way-back-when. I want to help you remember; and create new illuminated memories. 

My dream clients are appreciators of nostalgia, storytellers and adventurers always with another trip on the horizon and Pyrex on their shelves. Just like me.

I love exploring with my camera, a Fujifilm x-T2, . I want to bring to light the little things you remember from growing up. Weren't things simpler then? So if I can bring you something that when you see it, it brings a smile instantly to your face; that's what I'll do.  

The Curated South started as a way to showcase my Photography, and my favorite subject, the South. The rustic wooden barns on farms you see from the side of a local highway. The historic home that is so run-down but you want to fight with all your might to save it. The items you see at Flea Markets, that tell the story of the South instantly. 

We are bringing some of the treasures from the road straight to y'all. Shop our New Vintage Goods line.

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We collect the memories and authentic experiences to help us remember the story of the South. Be a part of our Community. 

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